Applying for Executive Jobs

From a survey of Executive CVs reviewed at CV Surgery during the month of April, it has become quite clear that many senior executives applying for Executive, Director or Board level jobs are not taking the job market serious enough. 

It is evident that CVs are being sent to job applications without being reviewed and amended before they are submitted. It is then no surprise at all that the application does not meet the criteria for the job posted and the Executive is then rejected from the post with little information as to why.

Rare will you find that a Recruiter will call you following an Executive application if you have not invested quality time getting the basics right and why should they?

The principles are the same for all job applications of all levels. Your CV must be displayed in a professional way so the Recruiter will be inspired to consider your application and read the contents of your CV. You need to ensure that your key skills are highlighted clearly to match the requirements of the role. You also need to highlight your specific experience which is relevant to the executive job you are applying for.

If you are unsure as to whether your CV is in the right format or is wrote in the right way, please get in touch with the team at CV Surgery and we will be happy to provide you with a CV Review to help you on your way.