What is executive search?

Executive search is a method of recruiting candidates to fill management and executive vacancies in organisations. Executive search is a specialist recruitment process offered by specialist recruitment consultants known as Headhunters.

Why should you use the service of a Headhunter rather than a traditional Recruiter?

The skill of a Headhunter is to first fully understand their clients brief and to take the time to understand the Company, culture and the type of person who would best fit the role. The Headhunter would then directly approach selected potential candidates and entice them to hear about the great job opportunity available.

A Headhunter is highly knowledgeable about the industry in which they operate in and will have established relationships over many years which makes them a key for businesses to a successful recruitment campaign and recruiting the best talent.

Hiring a Headhunter is the most viable option if a Company has an exclusive management role which will be hard to fill because of the technical and/or academic requirements of the role. It will be highly likely that the perfect candidate is currently happily employed by a competitor and may not be seeking a new career move.


With over 20 years of recruitment experience across a wide range of sectors to include construction, engineering and manufacturing; specialist roles to include finance, human resources and operations you can be confident of our ability to find you the best person for your executive and management roles. We have a track record of success and our proud of our values of trust, integrity and reliability.