Umbrella Admin Fees

Umbrella admin fees are typically £25 per timesheet. Some recruitment agencies who offer an umbrella service will uplift the workers rate to compensate for this charge. MIDAS do uplift their temporary workers rate to compensate for this charge.

If you are not sure if you are being charged personally for the umbrella companies administration charge, check out your Key Information Document (KID) which was given to you when you registered with your recruitment agency and/or offered the interim job.

BEIS, which enforces the Conduct Regulations, does not currently consider umbrella companies to be employment businesses for the purposes of the Conduct Regulations (rather it considers them to be work-seekers). Such a fee could not be charged by an employment business. The REC is aware that in an attempt to enforce this prohibition, BEIS has in the past argued that the use of an umbrella company is an additional service for which a fee could not be chargeable. The Conduct Regulations are currently under review and it remains to be seen if umbrella companies will in future be deemed to be employment businesses (or a similar entity) which cannot charge fees.