Right to work check

Did you know that a Recruitment Agency could be in breach of discrimination law if they don’t give their candidates every opportunity to demonstrate their right to work through a right to work check. If the candidate can’t or chooses not to use the Home Office’s online services, the Recruitment Agency will need to carry out a manual check instead.

Self-service checks

Self-service checks offer you the candidate the option of uploading your photo and/or documents sometimes to an Applicant Tracking System themselves or emailed across as a digital copy. The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act legislation specifically mentions that the original documents need to be checked by the Recruitment Agency, whilst you, the candidate is present. If this doesn’t happen, the rest of the check becomes invalid.

Outsourced suppliers

There are companies that will allow the Recruitment Agency to send Right to Work documents to them digitally, to perform a check and confirm if you, the candidate has a right to work in the UK (on the agency’s behalf). However, the legislation is clear that original documents need to checked by the company employing the individual. By outsourcing, the Recruitment Agency is invalidating your Right to Work checks.